Monday, October 29, 2007


Originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press
What a wonderful suprise this morning. I sold this print on Etsy over the weekend, then noticed that I also recieved a convo (etsy e-mail) requesting another of the same print. I'm digging out some of my old etching plates this morning and warming up the press. I never imagined that I'd have this much interest in these old images. I'm really floating on cloud nine.


Nancy said...

Congratulations! I had not even seen this piece. I like the way you have the etsy items showing on your blog too. I'll have to see if I can figure that out too.

I'm glad the press is going to be out and warmed up...


ainesse said...

I'm not surprised that you sold one of these prints. It's an emotive and intelligent piece of art.

There are not that many meeting this description around. Just had this awful thought in "oh my gawd...wonder what people say regarding my own artwork (along these lines).

Mind you I am not particularly trying to be clever......not that I meant that you are...oops now I've gone and done it...put my foot in it. Better just put it in my mouth now and just slink away off !!