Monday, October 22, 2007

Commercial success

An acquaintance contacted me about designing some CD covers for his up-coming album and EP. His only requirements were to do something with more black than white. He pointed out a few pieces that he particularly liked in my portfolio, and we were off.
They've been accepted by the client, and I'm very happy with both images. This is my first time selling exclusive rights to a piece, so I have a lot to learn about contract writing. This time I'm borrowing an already written contract and adapting it to what I'm doing.

These are the two images I created for him.

Tossed About - for the album entitled "So Much Depends on the Weather"

Stone Wall - for the EP release entitled "Stones We Dug for Fences"


Virginia Wieringa said...

Hey Justin- long time no see! Great to see you in the blogosphere! Your work is wonderful as usual. You talk about plexiglass prints. I did my first etching that way back in the olden days!

Virginia Wieringa said...

These are lovely prints. Perfect for a CD cover. A friend just told me about a book by Tad Crawford called Business and Legal Forms for the Artist. She says it's available in most Barnes and Nobles.

Justin said...

Thanks Virginia, I'll look into purchasing a copy for the school if not for myself.