Tuesday, November 20, 2007


carving-winter-aspen, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

As promised this is some elaboration on the process I use to create linocuts. Here I am working on adding a second color to the Winter Aspen image.
I printed a proof of the black plate, then ran this block through the press with the proof print. This left a "ghost" image on my new block. I outlined the area of the image I wanted to make white. Here I am cutting out all the parts of the white block that I want not to print.

white-plate-aspen, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Here is the first plate, white ink on green paper. Before I can print the black this ink will need to dry.

finished-proof-aspen, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Here I have added the black ink. Registration becomes an issue when printing more than one color . I have yet to perfect my registration system. If I use large papers I don't have any trouble, but this image is printed on paper that is only an inch larger than the image. Often I waste a piece of paper because I set it down, then have to nudge it causing a double image.

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