Monday, December 3, 2007

Suitcase Sale

This weekend was filled to the brim with activities. Friday my wife baked all day then attended a ladies dinner at a local church, and I took the kids to my classroom to prepare my suitcase for the first annual Holiday Suitcase Sale at Somewhere on San Juan studio space. I did manage to get ready, and also acquired a suitcase for Make Mine Sweet, my wife's baking business.
My Suitcase
Saturday we packed everything up, and I headed off to the studio, and my wife took the kids to dress rehearsal for that evening's dance recital. They eventually joined me for a couple hours of visiting with customers, and selling sweet-rolls. I think I suggested Etsy to every person I talked to.
Somewhere on San Juan Studio
Some brought more than others
Nancy and Holly
When the show closed at 3, I packed up, and collected the family for a trip to one of my student's homes for a holiday open house. Good food, and a chance to meet and greet some more people. From the open-house to the recital. One girl danced, the other walked through. Oh well, we did it all without tears this year, so we were pleased as punch. Hugs all around, then off to Village Inn for customary celebratory "pop" and "chicken plain nuggets" for my girls and some coffee for my wife and I.
Zoe and Anya

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