Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's trade

I've been working feverishly on producing multi-color prints. Since my workshop, I've carved 5 more blocks, and printed dozens of ATCs and some larger prints. Some of the images were much more successful than others. That is one of the prices paid for layering images without a structured plan. I've also had some happy accidents that have worked out well. I am now advertising trades as part of my Etsy shop. Not all of the cards are show quality, so they haven't all made it to Etsy.

It is quite pleasurable to take risks with my printing, and just see what happens. Of course I try to think ahead a little, but really I spend most of my time trying to think what would look good over what I've already printed, or I try to figure out how to rescue something I inadvertently destroyed. It really forces me to be creative at a point in the process that I have not typically afforded myself that luxury.

If you want to trade, show me what you've got.

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