Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soaring Valentine

Soaring-Valentine, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

I've been working for a couple of weeks to get this heart print to work somehow. This morning, I finally achieved this little gem. It is a combination of my heart block with an old image called Getting Further Away. I have printed a few backgrounds from this plate, and it seems to layer quite nicely.
I've been having trouble assembling background images. It seems that most of my most successful plates are black line images with very few solid areas. I'm discovering that this layered technique needs more solid areas of color to be beautiful and rich.

Yesterday I spent the morning grading Art History essays. The subject was form vs. function. When did art shift from primarily functional pieces to formal work that only served as beautiful objects. I recieved a few excellent essays, and read a bunch of duds. Very few students wanted to think beyond a right or wrong answer. I guess that is the trend. I was hoping for more from my non-traditional students. One gentleman nailed it. He asserted that any society that bacame wealthy or advanced enough to enjoy leisure would make formal art. Without that advance, the society needs artisans to create functional objects, and not "waste" their time with formal work.


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I noticed this the other day but had to run before I got the chance to contact you or take a screenshot.

I hope you got one and apologize if you did not. I try my best to take them for my friends just in case but am not always able to.

And I am adding you to my blog list right after I finish typing this.

I am really impressed with the direction you are going with these.

Amie Roman said...

I took a great art history course as an elective during my science degree on Native American art, and the course focused almost exclusively on the functional aspect of the artwork, not just its creative genius. Another intriguing sub-theme was visual irony in the work, which I really loved, and that can play so well with the aspect of functionality.

Yeah, sometimes it's easiest to just not think, but I enjoy the opportunities to do so once in a while!