Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Bound (hands), originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Friday brought in an order for etchings to be printed. By Monday, the paper was dry, and ready to sign and post on etsy. I immediately sold two more than had been ordered. What a wonderful start to the week. Since then it has been a steady decline.

My school is giving the yearly standardized tests, and all of the faculty act as proctors. No writing, no computers, no talking, etc. Sitting down for my whole work day and reading has made me feel tired and unwell. Fortunately tomorrow is the last day of testing, and we will have a few students back in class of Friday. The grades will already be calculated, so my students will be starting on their new projects for next quarter. No pressure, and probably very few students.

The following week is spring break. I'm off to Taos and Santa Fe. I feel very guilty being an art teacher and artist, in this part of the country having never visited these two towns before. My family including my parents will be coming as well. It should be a nice break after a week of sitting listlessly.


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

What a powerful piece! It took me awhile of looking to get it and I like that it kept my attention while I was figuring it out.

Justin said...

You know, sometimes you have a gem, and just squirrel it away for later only to forget you even have it. I haven't printed this image for 8+ years, and love it just as much now as then.