Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New lino block

3-04-08, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

This is the fruit of all the sketching I've been doing for 365 sketch on Flickr. I have branched out some from my last set of work. I am including more and more factories and water towers. I really like where this drawing has gone. I struggled over the bird for most of last evening. I'll start inking and cutting this image today or tomorrow.

This week has been chalk full of cleaning and restoring. Since I have my type sorted, I have moved on to other areas of the studio/shop to clean and sort. One area that has been torn apart for a couple of months was a kiln that I inherited. Some 8 years ago or so, there had been a melt down making a molten ceramic mess on the floor. Our school had just stopped using the kiln. About this time last year, we caught word that the school would be getting rid of the kiln because it was located in the janitors store room, and was of no use to them. Since I was acquiring a new classroom space, it seemed the perfect time to reclaim the kiln as part of the art department. I chipped the old floor out, and removed the upper layer of kiln bricks, and replaced them with new bricks we had left over from last year's kiln rebuilding. I ended up removing the heating element that was in the floor of the kiln. All the other elements seem to work except one. At some point I'll need to replace that one, but it can wait for now.

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