Monday, March 24, 2008

Taos and Santa Fe

653_5313, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

For Spring Break, I took my family on a whirlwind tour of the countryside around Santa Fe. We drove down Monday through Taos stopping to make a quick visit at a few galleries. I got to see some Malcolm Furlow and Frank Howell. I had not noticed Howell before. We took the kids swimming that evening in Santa Fe, and hit the sack. I wasn't feeling well, and a good night sleep helped a great deal.
Tuesday we were up early to visit some shops in Santa Fe and see the Miraculous Staircase at Loretto chapel. The kids crashed or swam with my parents after lunch and Jessica and I made a quick visit to Canyon Road.
This wasn't a trip to see everything, only a quick overview. I had never been to the area, and without a guide, we just enjoyed as much as we could, or as much as the kids would let us. I'm sure we'll be back to do a more focused visit, and to see Bandelier National monument.
Wednesday we headed back on the high road stopping at Las Trampas, Chimayo, and Rancho de Taos. We did a little more shopping in Taos before we headed back home through the mountains. What a pretty drive to Trinidad from Taos. I took a few pictures, and enjoyed lots of art. Probably more art than a person can take in. The rest of the week was spent recovering and working at the house. Today was back to the grind with grading and preparation for an upcoming High School show here in La Junta.


Diane Cutter said...

What a wonderful photo, Justin. So classic with the black and white. And what a great vacation. You hit all my favorite places!

ainesse said...

Thanks for the contribution on Wet Canvas. I am enjoying looking through your blog. I think we may even already be 'contacts' on Flickr. You do some really interesting works and I appreciate how you talk about the process of their realization.

Justin said...

Thanks Daine and Ainesse. I'm sure we will be back to do some more focused exploration of Taos, and the area around Santa Fe.

Ainesse - We are contacts on flickr. You may not remember, but you have even purchased some of my work, a small blank red journal entitled "Gratitude" with a fortune on the cover.

Curtis said...

I love that area. It makes you feel creative. You are lucky to be close enough to enjoy it, but far enough to afford living!

Anonymous said...

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