Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LJHS Art Show 2008

LJHS Art Show 2008, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Finishing up the school year each year we showcase the best of our students work. This is our first year in our new facility, and things went smashingly. I was pretty frazzled by the time it got underway, but the students were excited to see their work displayed.

We also have a Fine Arts Awards night in connection with the show. This was my first year to me dept. chair for the event, so I messed quite a few things up, including not ordering the letterman's letters in time for the ceremony. Fortunately we found enough letters to hand out, and will try to be better prepared for next year.

The show has an added bonus. The students finish their major projects before the last day of school, and clean the room for me. The new room has lots of things to clean. It was wonderful to have 15 or so students every hour pushing brooms, and moving tables. When the show comes down, we begin work on the Tiger Board for next year's seniors. The board hangs on the wall by the student parking lot, and is a source of pride for the senior art students.

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