Sunday, July 20, 2008

First proofs

First proofs, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Isaac decided that he wasn't going to take a nap after lunch, so we made a quick trip to the school to proof the water tower plate. I think it looks very good. I may still work the sky a little more so that the line looks more natural. I'm imagining this on a blue paper. Maybe some chinè colle in the smoke, or the swirls.

I have been trying to formulate what to do with Stripes, my letterpress. The press bed has a broken roller runner on the bottom of one side. I have been considering adding a piece of steel to keep the roller off of the press bed. As it is, my bottom roller is ruined, and if I replace it, the new roller would be ruined right away. If I don't fix it, I can't very well sell work that I make using the press. Some places just don't have good coverage. I am also very serious about sandblasting the whole press and re-painting it black. So that I can still keep the name stripes, I think maybe I will do some red and yellow pin striping.

I really enjoyed making the invitations for my Amy's wedding. I have been reading, and researching what it would take for me to start picking up more of that kind of work. I have started dreaming and looking for a second press that I could own personally. I would like to pick up a few jobs with my current press so that I can pay for one of my own.

Anyone have one they want to part with for cheap or free?

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