Monday, July 21, 2008

Stripes is in Pieces

I tore into the little Craftsmen press this morning. It took around 4 hours to get it all the way down to where I can sandblast it. I discovered that it has been painted twice since it was original, once was light gray, then the red and yellow scheme it has now. Most of the time was spent fighting paint in the threads of every bolt, screw head and set screw. I discovered a few things that I had not expected. Apparently, the set screws on the gripper bars are only soldered on. Of course, they broke off and have been useless. I'm not sure yet if I'll try to re-solder them, or attempt to spot weld them. My dad, who has done his fair share of letterpress, said he used to just use masking tape to secure his grippers in place. Depending on how my adventure turns out, I may do the same. Everything else appeared structurally sound. I also began to construct a fix for the broken rail. I am using a piece of cut and bent angle iron that I will shape to mimic the curve of the other rail.

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