Monday, July 14, 2008

Studio Photograpy

Those Miller Kids, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

My parents are professional photographers, and for years ran a studio from their home. This made for a very convenient situation when it came to having portraits made of my children, and family. In the last year, my parents chose to change the way their business operated. They no longer have a studio, and only do on-location shoots for dances, sports teams, etc. My son turned 1 in March, and I still hadn't made arrangements to have his photograph made. So today, my wife and I set up a make-do studio in our dining room. We managed to take some nice frames of each of our three children. The rest of the day was spent uploading pics to Snapfish and Wal•mart, and editing photographs.
I also finished up the last of the invitations. I borrowed an automatic folder from our church, and ran the thank you cards though it. It sure made it fast. I folded 200 cards in 10 minutes, and that includes setting up the folder, and returning it to it's previous arrangement.

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