Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I have been swamped with work and life and home remodeling. After the press broke, I have been working on a project that my wife and I have wanted to do since moving into our house. We tore out some built-in desks, painted and prepared to have some carpet replaced. The carpet project is on hold unexpectedly for now. The others are mostly finished, and school has started. I have a week and a half of meetings and in-service. If you haven't been to and in-service, you haven't died. There are some nuggets of information of great value, but they are shrouded in a deep camouflage of time wasting and posturing.

I do now have color correct lights in my classroom. This summer they were moved from my old room to the new studio space we acquired last year. They are a welcome addition. I also "repaired" press platen back from the welder. It is not as I had hoped. The hinge ear was welded on about 1/4 inch too long. It will have to be re-done I'm afraid. I have put the entire press project on hold, and am looking feverishly for a replacement. If you have a small lever press or a 8x12 C&P lying around and would like to make a donation to La Junta High School Art Dept, let me know. I'm also interested in purchasing a press of my own.

Good news on another front. In April I entered the National Small Print Show in Creede, CO. Not long ago I received word that I had sold 7 of one of my prints, and 8 of another. I was floored. I spent a couple days this past weekend printing, and matting the work so that they could be mailed off on Monday. Not bad for my first national show. I think I'll try that experience again.


Eraethil said...

Congratulations on the sales Justin! That is pretty wonderful news. And they are both very interesting and successful images, so no wonder.
Good luck on all the other projects, on and off, and please, tell us about the "in service"; I'm always interested in near death experiences.

ainesse said...

I second that Justin, I mean you make some really interesting prints.

I am enjoying looking through your blog!!

best wishes