Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Etsy Listings

Still swamped here. I couldn't take much more of life this morning, so I stopped and printed up some plates to post on Etsy. I can always get lost in the gentle "smack" of relief ink.

We have carpet coming tomorrow, and I have to get our old carpet out tonight. I have been trying to get some recessed lighting installed before the new carpet arrives, but I think I'll be lucky if I get the holes cut. I doubt that I'll have all the wiring done before tomorrow.

I thought I had a great lead on factory-new parts from Craftsmen for my letterpress. However, they do not have my specific part in stock. Until this week, I've been planning on re-drilling the old part, but I received some advice from a welder/printer who thought it might be better to just break and re-weld the piece with more precision. Now I just have to convince one of the welding students next door to come help me accomplish this.

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Bake cookies! I've heard from a certain welding student, that I personally know, that is the best way to butter them up!
Smiles, Karen