Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Stripes re-assembled, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Since sometime in June, I've been working to get this press cleaned repaired, repainted and ready to print. It started out with some yellow and red stripes, and a broken ear on the press bed. In my attempt to repair the bed, I took the press completely apart. Since it was apart I thought it should be painted, then the wood refinished, then I broke it. With some patience, and some money, I ended up here. Everything is painted, polished and oiled. It glides through it's paces. I may still get some new rollers. We'll see how soon that happens.When things slow down a little, my plan is to print up some business cards. Maybe some artwork.

At work, we are nearly finished with the set for High School Musical. This is my first year to teach stagecraft, and it's been quite a little adventure. I'll be glad when we can strike the set and move on to the next play.

This weekend we are off to the mountains. It will be great to get a little break. Should be very relaxing.

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