Thursday, November 20, 2008

Caged Enthusiasm

Watertower detail 2, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

Life is on an upswing at Bound Staff Press. The set is done the set is gone, or nearly so. I have dedicated some time to drawing, and have three prints going. All are using imagery that I've explored previously, but they seem to be moving in a different direction. My print work was tightening up at the end of the summer, and these will have some of that tight illustrative quality. I really like the result, the work of cutting all those little lines can become tiresome, but I still like it. I can let my mind drift, which is what I love about making art.

When I am imagining a new work, I like to get inside the piece, and move around. I build a little story in my mind, and follow it along as the artwork develops. I assume this is what writers of novels experience. I just follow the story, and fill in details where they are needed. Sometimes I am forced to remove and rework some areas of a piece, but this only serves to solve problems I see in the narrative. One of my professors told me that the way to make great artwork was to fix the most obvious problem, then the next, then the next. When I'm satisfied that this particular narrative is worked out the work is finished. In my mind the story is told.

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Alice said...

that look slike a beautiful piece of work!