Friday, November 21, 2008

The good is sometimes hidden

Life seems to pile up when the best progress is being made. Last evening, I had intended to work a little on the birdcage print, while relaxing at home. No bother, many other equally enjoyable opportunities came up. Right after school, I met my family at the box store, so that I could defend my honor as a professional photographer. As I arrived my two daughters let out squeals of delight and ran to my arms. Even the photo booth girl can't dampen that excitement. My wife had gone to pick up the pictures from her sisters wedding that I photographed. The photo booth girls usually take some convincing to let us out with what they believe to be professional work. A little ego boost connected with a hassle.

From the box store, we went to place some welcome gifts in the house of our newly hired pastor. He and his family will arrive during the next week. We are thrilled to have him join us, and the church is blossoming just because of the idea of having someone fill the post. On the way home we stopped for pizza, and my son, now 19 months let us know that he recognized the restaurant sign by screaming, "Peessa!! Yum!"

When the kids made it to bed, my wife and I watched The Office and it's accompanying line up. Then, we sorted wedding pictures for placement in the album. Right before heading off to bed, I remembered that I left my truck in the parking lot of the box store. Oh great! I left my print, and my bag in the truck.

Today I rode my bike to work.

The world can't get me down. Public squeals of excitement from my kids, compliments from the photo girl, an evening with my wife, and a little morning exercise, I am blessed.

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