Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Justin Fargas, compliments of the NFL

I just cant resist posting this. Sunday afternoon, my wife and I went to the Raiders - Broncos game. Neither of us had been to a professional sporting event before, and though we live in Colorado, neither of us are Bronco fanatics. In fact, because we live here, we do not root for the the Broncos. Instead, I am an Oakland fan, and have been most of my life. This means I'm no stranger to disappointment, and was expecting the same. Even in the fourth quarter, I said there's still time to lose. To my suprise, we won, and won big! Bigger than big! This is an amazing event. The Raiders haven't beat the Broncos in 9 years.

My wife cautioned me against being to obvious in my support, since we weren't sure who we'd sit by. As it turns out, we were surrounded by a little outpost of the Raider Nation. Plenty of good-natured cheering and excitement from everybody. What a start to the week.

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