Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Proof of birdcage watertower

Last evening, I stayed a little late at work, and finished up this cut so that I could proof it before I left. I was very dissapointed with the results. The trees were not as I had imagined them. This morning, after the image mellowed in my mind overnight, I was much more happy.
Most of the morning was spent reworking the details of the piece. Cleaning up, proofing, cleaning, proofing. Finally, I locked up the block in the chase of my Craftsmen letterpress. I opted the hand ink the image so that I didn't have to clean the whole press. I cannot believe how well it printed. There just is nothing better than perpendicular pressure for printing relief.

I still need to work on a title. I was thinking about soulless or empty or dead for the concept. I also noticed today that the watertower vaguely resembles a dress form. I don't think I want to combine the two ideas, but you never know.

In other news, my crafts class cast silver rings today. It has been a road frought with touble. My studio space has a ox-acetylene welding table with 6 stations. Since I moved in, it didn't have tanks so it was just an aesthetic. I've used a torch before, but I haven't done much with ox-acetlyene. So today was a learning process from first to last. After repairing some valves on the table earlier this semester, I had lit a torch, and melted some copper scraps so that I could practice before I had students watching. So today I loaded up the silver, and tried and tried and tried to get the silver hot enough to melt. Finally I consulted my manual and made a "fuel rich" flame that was hot enough to melt the metal, but not so hot that it burned the metal. Honestly burning the metal wasn't going to be and issue for me today. We ladeled the molten metal into the spin caster's crucible, and it almost imediatly it solidified. Torch still lit, we re-melted the silver and let it spin.
Here are the less than perfect results. For a first time and DIY on-the-job training experience, I am quite pleased

first casting, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

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Anne said...

The birdcage water tower is stunning!