Friday, December 19, 2008

Suitcase sale

Suitcase sale, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

What a busy week and weekend. We started Saturday with an early run for donuts I snagged one, and ran off to set up my booth for the suitcase sale. Friday, I had printed up a storm trying to have all my work available on both white and cream paper. I also printed variations on my most recent birdcage block. On Friday, I had also found several works that I had forgotten about, hiding in the back of my files. Three of these lost items were reproductions I had made from pencil or ink drawings. To my surprise, they were the first to sell.

I also made buttons from my scrap proofs, and a few choice parts of my favorite prints. These were a big hit. At $1 or free with any purchase, I only came home with half of what I had taken.

At noon, I left my space, and got dressed up for my daughter's dance recital. She did very well, and the usual celebration ensued. Home again to change clothes and send the kids off to watch the Nutcracker ballet with their Nana and Papa.

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Anonymous said...

Buttons! What a great idea!

I'm just starting to discover block carving, and will soon be purchasing a Chandler & Price press from an older friend;

great onesie, btw; say it through the letpress listserv.