Friday, January 2, 2009


Wildflower, originally uploaded by Bound Staff Press.

A few years ago, my wife and I began counting the accomplishments from the previous year instead of making resolutions for the upcoming one. It goes something like this. "I resolve that last year I will have been accepted into a national show." Sure beats thinking of all the things that we need to improve. As an added bonus, I always feel inspired afterward build on the previous highlights. Why not try for two shows this year? This year we recounted the transformation of our front yard, our first garden, traveling to Santa Fe, completing a stage set, to name a few. I'd like to add to that list the discovery that Starbucks coffee is worth the price over Folgers, restoring a letterpress, remodeling our basement, and playing with my children. The last, of course, overshadows all the others.

This year for Christmas, I made each of my children their own wooden rifles using scrap lumber and a mop handle. It has been a barrage of warfare ever since. My mother sewed "prairie princess" dresses for the girls, and we have spent this week watching Little House on the Prairie. Isaac shoots at the television, and the girls ask to have their tied tight like Carolyne's. I sure love playing.

I hope you are having a wonderful New Year. Take some time to recount the blessings in your life. It sure is fun to notice God's gifts in your journey.


Amie Roman said...

I like your tradition - I have just discovered the positive benefits of counting blessings of the year past, rather than getting in a twist about what I want to accomplish for the year to come (not that goal setting isn't worth doing, but not worth getting into a state over).

Sounds like an excellent Christmas gift well loved & appreciated by your kinder. Great fun!

BTW - like your new blog look!

Carol's Original Prints said...

I like your positive approach. It made me think back over my year and the things I have achieved rather than dwell on the things I haven't done and getting despondent about it.