Friday, March 6, 2009

Holly Sugar Factory - Original Illustration

So sketching every day isn't working out like I would hope. Instead, I was thinking last night, why not just do a quick ink drawing every morning. I could post on Flickr and Etsy. That keeps me fresh, and practiced, and posting every day. I have the time built into my schedule at work. I just haven't taken advantage of it.
Here is the drawing for today. It is my impression from memory of the Holly Sugar factory in Swink, CO. I drive by it all the time. This was drawn using Pitt artist pens, and colored with coffee, and watercolor. I'm very pleased with the result.


Clare said...

Ahh yes, the elusive daily drawing! I've been trying to get in that habit again, too!

beautiful work!

Justin said...

Thanks Clare.
I always find that I'm the most productive when I'm sketching or creating daily. We'll see if I can keep it up during spring break.