Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simpleton's House

This is my most recent daily sketch. I painted this with the coffee I was drinking last evening. Nothing on TV, so worked on this instead. I massaged it a little with watercolors to finish up. I'm experimenting with what to do with these little pieces. They are so fun to do, I find myself getting lost in the landscape. I am still not very pleased with the way my scanner captures the texture of the paper. I tried black paper behind the card, and now brown paper, in an attempt to trick the light meter, but I still have noticeable grays where there should be white paper.
I also have not decided on rounding the corners. The first one had corners rounded, and the others have not.
Which do you prefer?


Frenzy23 said...

Painting with coffee is a pretty awesome idea :). I love the sky, you found some beautiful brown shades in there.

Justin said...

Thank you Frenzy.