Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Countdown to the End

About a month left till my students set up the year end show in the studio. We have begun to slow down production and step up the polishing and finishing that must take place before such an event. I have begun to clean my space and organize all the new things that have been acquired since last year. Jewelry production has really added to my inventory. From day to day I change the way tools are arranged in the drawers and on the the torch table. Just trying to find a way to make things accessible and still organized.
Today I glued and attached the top for my exposure unit. I set the glass, and it is going to work perfectly. I think I'll do some painting before I finalize the project. I do still have the vacuum to arrange, and electricity to work out. I did have a great conversation with the Ag teacher about having her students made a steel frame for my Neoprene vacuum blanket lid. It will be made out of 1" square tube steel with angle iron to hold the blanket, then brass hinges and clasps up front. Hopefully I'll have some screens burned before school is out. We'll see. I've promised pictures, and I have taken some. I just haven't uploaded them to anything. Soon.
I still desire to make something each day, but Spring Break put an end to the coffee paintings, and I haven't been dedicated enough to begin cutting on my multi-color blocks. I have cleaned my desk, so this week has promise.

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