Friday, April 3, 2009

Dry Throwing Pottery

This has been a year of new challenges. I took on the Stagecraft class, and have directed the building of two sets. My students cast silver rings this year, and are working on their first silver soldered jewelry project. I also am the only Ceramics teacher. This means that if equipment is to be used, I am the one who must teach students to use it.
Not long ago I saw a you tube video by Ayumi Horie on dry throwing pottery. I have always had trouble with the potters wheel, and since clay isn't exactly my passion, I had neglected to teach any wheel throwing in class. This new technique is incredible. It takes the pressure out of centering the clay, and is easier, I think, for beginning students. Like reductive sculpture, this method removes all the clay that is not the vessel. Watch and see for yourself.

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