Friday, April 3, 2009

Screen printing

I've been playing with my screen press, and today I received an order from Ryonet. I ordered roller screens, mesh, 6 new squeegees, an a neoprene blanket for my exposure unit that I hope to have functional soon. I still need to make a top for it, and have a glass cut to fit. Then it will receive a vacuum lid. I copied my design off of Ryonet's X-Vactor. It will be huge. On spring break, I stopped by The Ink Lounge Gallery in Lakewood, CO. Stu was kind enough to spend some time describing his exposure setup, and showing me examples work produced in their shop. He and his wife are quite talented. Their calendars are amazing. I hope to have my unit up and running in a week or two. I don't know if it will have a vacuum top then or not. We'll see how ambitious I am.

I still haven't started carving the blocks for my Aunt's piece. Instead, I did manage to print 50 impressions on my letterpress for and exchange using my Empty Nest block. I heard who else was involved in the exchange, and am pumped to receive the work in the mail. I hope that my work is pleasing to the others involved. After reading the participants, I was a little worried.

Biggest news in my studio is the four new 24 inch iMacs, and the new Macbook Pro that were purchased with some magic grant money our district received. Next year every teacher will have a laptop. Our current tech director is in her last year, and she is one of the few who supports the use of Mac technology. I'm sure pictures will eventually follow. The difference between my new machines, and the old ones is ridiculous. I put the same image up for a desktop of each vintage, and the iMac blew the old eMac out of the water. It's good to be me this week.

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Brandi said...

Screen printing would be so fun to try! That is definitely next on my list of art to try!

Lucky you on the Mac Purchases!!