Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fork in the Road

I've used this blog to write about my adventures both in printmaking and in teaching. For some, I'm sure this is welcome, and for others, one subject or the other is less than interesting. For me, it has been hard to separate the two. Both occur in the same studio classroom; and I very much want to share both parts of my experience with you. Within the last year, some of my goals for blogging have changed. I want to keep a space dedicated to the progress and artwork of Bound Staff Press, but I also want to have a space for new things I'm trying in my classroom. The changes in my classroom have diverged so far from the artwork of Bound Staff Press that I have neglected posting many of these thoughts. As a result, I now have two blogs. You know two blogs just means two places that don't get updated.

Please join me at my new classroom blog on Wordpress called Studio 201

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