Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jumping Off Point - Finished

Some of you may remember seeing this piece more than a year ago. Shortly after my Aunt Emiko died last year, I carved a set of blocks to somehow work through my own feelings of losing her. This print was the result.

I hadn't ever tried to register multiple colors on my small letterpress, and the results were not pleasing enough to display or sell the print. I had however, recently acquired a broken and dirty old letterpress. Since that broken press is now working and I have a show deadline at the end of the month, I inked up and printed four colors in one day.

My first yield from the big letterpress was amazing if small. I only printed an edition of 7. The colors I chose allowed me to only clean the rollers and ink disk twice through the whole process. I started with a tiny amount light blue for the first color, then just flooded the ink disk with dark blue for the second pass. In the middle of this edition, I learned how to remove the rollers and clean up. Back at it with a thin layer of brown, and finally I flooded the disk with black for the final impressions.

This printing was accomplished amish style with a little foot power. OK, I'll be honest, It was a LOT of foot power, and I was completely worn out running the press. It takes so much concentration to treadle the press, that I had to use use the throw-off lever every impression, and feed the press with just one hand.

My students loved watching me print, and I had a wonderful day seeing all of my restoration work on the press materialize in the completion of a long awaited print.


the horse and hare said...

Very Nice!

Celeste Jean said...

i remember your original drawing for this print... it is wonderful.

IPullPrints said...