Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some Volkswagen letterpress prints

I've been working for several months to collect, acquire and buy Volkswagen letterpress cuts. Unfortunately, I am so cheap that my collection was hardly worth talking about. I have also been working on creating vector images from some old VW advertising. I intended to have cuts made to supplement my collection. Both efforts were moving slowly, so this month, I transfered some of the images over to linoleum, and started cutting.

New VW prints fresh off the press.

I proofed these on my large C&P. Instead of using the inking mechanism on the press, I simply removed the chase between each impression, and hand inked the block. This worked well for the dozen impressions i made, but would have become tiresome had I done many more. I cannot believe how effortlessly that big press will print these linocuts.

In the coming days, I plan to have a few more prints cut, and some new listings on

Its good to be back


Sherrie Y said...

I'm envious of your press.. I've never used such a thing, would be fun to try. The images are great fun, it seems like an interesting project.

Mr. Miller said...

Sherrie - you are welcome to come and try it out any time you would like. I would be honored to have some of your work printed in my studio.