Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red Head with Berries - New Print

It has been a busy week here at the studio. School is in full swing, the VW calendar is in full swing, and this bird and berries print squeezed its way in. 

Take a look at the newest print from Bound Staff Press. This little bird is bound to steal your heart right after he steals the berries off the branch.

While I was setting up the registration, and proofing the blocks, I hand inked the plates, then switched out the chases with the key block and the red block. When I print a few more in this edition, I will print several red, then print the black over them. I may even go as far as to ink up the press instead of hand inking. It all depends on the number of impressions I decide to make to stock my inventory. 


Kiwibear said...

I love your print. I´m just starting out with linocuts and hoping to try my hand at woodcuts. Forgive my ignorance, but is that wood you are carving, and if so, what type do you use? I hope you have time to answer my question, but if not, have a great day anyway.

Mr. Miller said...

Kiwibear - I like to cut linoleum instead of wood. It has no grain, and is easier to cut through. You can buy it many places online. Speedball brand in the golden color is my absolute favorite. Speedball also sells cutting tools. They are very inexpensive, but require honing to be fun to use. More expensive tools are available.
I like to cut on mounted blocks for letterpress, and I use in mounted lino when printing by hand or in an etching press.

You might want to check out Mclains for wood cut supplies and high end cutting tools.

Do not buy speedball ink. There are many fine oil based relief inks. Faust makes an excellent water cleanup ink. Faust will even send you a sample pack if you request one. Speedball will cause you nothing but frustration.

Good luck.

Anna Franks said...

Hi Justin,

I came across your fantastic blog and thought that yourself and your colleagues and students might be interested to hear about the International Print Biennale which is currently taking place in the North of England. We'd love you to have a look through the gallery of entries: This has been filtered down from 650 international submissions to a shortlist of 44, including artists from the USA:

I'm leading on the marketing for the Festival and we're trying to engage the international printmaking community to spread the word about the importance of printmaking in contemporary art, so any support you could provide to raise awareness of the festival would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like any further information, please do contact me, Anna Franks at We've also got a twitter hashtag: #printbiennale, images can be posted to our flickr account: IPB11 and people can 'like' us on Facebook at Northern Print.

Many thanks in advance and best wishes,


Sherrie Y said...

Hey, Justin... I thought I had your email address but apparently I don't. I suddenly have an opportunity to acquire a Challenge proof press for almost nothing. I know nothing about them, but I'm going to go for it because it seems stupid not to. Do you know anything about them?