Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boxcar Base and Photopolymer Plates

First project with my new boxcar base

New toys are so much fun.

Today was the trial run for my first attempt at exposing photopolymer plates.  It was a smashing success. My homemade vacuum exposure unit worked like a dream. Of course it may need a little tweaking to be easy to use, but it was wonderful to see the plates wash out just like they were supposed to.

Because photopolymer plates require much more precise inking, I made new delrin trucks for both my C&P Crafsman, and my little CMC Superior. I cannot believe how much easier it is to print with the right diameter of trucks on the rollers. I had always attributed my trouble printing  to poor packing and make-ready, but now I realize it was my equipment that needed to be updated. I'm sure my packing could still use improvement.

 I am working on creating some nice business card, price tags, envelopes, and other branding. I figure I'll start small and work my way up. It is so strange to have the ability to make a plate out of anything on my computer.

I have a wedding suite design in the works. I am planning to print the whole set from poly plates. Because of the importance of a job like this, I will probably have the plates made instead of trying to expose and process them myself.

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Celeste said...

Can you please tell more about using a boxcar on a platen press? Do they make them for 8X12 C & P? Thanks.