Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Are Invited

Bound Staff Press is located in a Jr/Sr high school. I am always looking for ways to get students in to use the equipment and become more familiar with printing processes. Earlier in the year, I asked if any students would be willing to print their graduation invitations on the small letterpress in the shop. Three students thought it was a good idea, so I started to put together the things we would need to make a quality invite fairly similar to the ones they could purchase from Jostens. With some trial and error, we managed to produce our shop's first reliable photopolymer plates. I set the type for the text inside the invite, and the students learned how to set up make-ready.

Our project will cost somewhere around 14¢ per invite. This is quite a bit less than the options available through Jostens. We don't have an engraving or foil this year, but we might next year. Stay tuned.

Taylor printing the front of the card

Taylor examining her work

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