Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VW Thing Print

The past two weeks have included some work on a Volkswagen Thing image I was commissioned to create. The customer saw my VW work on Etsy, and asked if I would create a print of a VW Type 181. The customer also provided an image of the vehicle she wanted to commemorate in print. Work has proceeded very smoothly. I finished the key block Monday night while watching Ghost Busters on Netflix. Then, I set the register for the color block by printing the key block onto a piece of paper and printing from that paper to a new block. So far, this technique has yielded very predicable and accurate results. The color block should be finished by the end of the day.
If you would like me to create a custom print for you or someone you love, I would be delighted to hear from you. Stop by my Etsy shop and click on the Contact the Shop Owner button.


Anonymous said...

Great work Justin! Happy to follow your blog :)

Justin Miller said...

Thanks for the encouragement Diego.

Charles Morgen said...

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