Sunday, December 6, 2015

Custom Christmas Cards

Not long ago, I had a someone ask if I could design a linocut and print it for their Christmas cards for this year. They had seen my Empty Nest print and were inspired to have me create something just for them. After some details were worked out, I began drawing and inking the image. I usually start out with a sketch in pencil, then work and re-work it on the lino block until I'm satisfied. This time, because I wanted to please my client, I started with a pencil sketch on paper and submitted it for review. As with all custom jobs, the review and revision process can take time as both I and the customer work out exactly what we expect the image to look like. I scanned my sketches, and edited position and composition using Photoshop, then printed the image and drew some more. Re-scan, re-edit, and re-print. The computer can do some things that I cannot easily do in pencil, and the pencil can do some things I cannot yet accomplish on the computer.

If you are interested in working with me on a similar project, check out my Etsy shop and request a custom piece by clicking the "Request a Custom Order" link on most any of my listings.

 Pencil Sketch


Approved image transferred to the lino block.

Transferred image inked in

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