Thursday, December 17, 2015

When It Rains, It Pours

This month, the screen shop and the letterpress studio have both been hopping. I've been putting in long hours and learning a whole bunch about screen printing. On top of the printing skills I have been trying to learn some business skills. Pricing, ordering, profit and time management all take discipline and attention. I've been listening to a few trusted individuals, and so far, things are working out well.

A neighboring city is rebranding itself, and I was fortunate enough to land the contract to print shirts and hoodies for their new efforts. The first order is printed, but re-orders are already pouring in.

Birds Nest Christmas cards are printed, signed, numbered, packaged and shipped. I haven't run many jobs on the letterpress in a while. It took a bit to get it set up, but once things got going, I was pleased with the result. The current plan is to create two more color blocks and offer a three color image on etsy. 

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