Monday, February 1, 2016

Slow Days

After the busy bustle of Christmas and the continued busyness of a new school semester, things have slowed down in the print shop a bit. I'm still printing a few shirts from re-orders, but I haven't had any rush orders. As the t-shirt printing business takes off, I am learning about pricing and time management as well as learning to pay myself and set limits on what I'm willing do. This past week, I had a re-order come into the shop. The screens were already made, and still on the press. Setup should have been simple and straightforward. However, the order was split with 4 shirts of one color, and 3 shirts of another. That meant I had to change out screens and re-setup the press. Seven shirts cost me an hour of setup, and an hour of printing. In the future, I will require a larger number of shirts before I accept a re-order.

I've been using this down time to work on projects at the house. After a year and a half, our home does not have bookshelves except for the children. Books are still neatly packed into boxes from our move, and when one is needed, I search through and find it. When it is not longer needed, it is replaced as nearly as possible back where it came from. The lack of bookshelves has not kept us from buying and collecting books. I have been working on a plan to build in a desk and bookshelf in our current office area. I prefer to collect materials instead of buy lumber, but the size of this project has meant that I will likely have to buy at least some items. I'll post pictures as the project starts to take shape.